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Автор Тема: пленных не брать - неизвестная сторона участия канады в той войне  (Прочитано 334 раз)

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Canadian soldiers would emerge from the First World War with a reputation for winning victories that others could not. But even in a war of unparalleled ferocity, enemy and ally alike would remember the Canadians as having been particularly brutal.
In a detailed 2006 study of Canadian soldiers killing prisoners in the Great War, Cook was surprised to unearth dozens of accounts of Canadians executing surrendering Germans out of rage, vengeance or expediency.
Germans developed a special contempt for the Canadian Corps, seeing them as unpredictable savages. In the final weeks of the war, Canadian Fred Hamilton would describe being singled out for a beating by a German colonel after he was taken prisoner. “I don’t care for the English, Scotch, French, Australians or Belgians but damn you Canadians, you take no prisoners and you kill our wounded,” the colonel told him.
Most of the primary sources cited in this article were obtained from books or journal articles written by Tim Cook, a Canadian War Museum historian who has been particularly adept at unearthing a full and unromanticized picture of Canada’s First World War army.

In some cases, Cook found evidence of Canadian commanders explicitly ordering their troops not to take prisoners. He quoted James Owen, a then-16-year-old private, who was told by his commanding officer before a 1916 attack “I don’t want any prisoners.” Before the attack on Vimy Ridge, veteran Archie McWade said he was told, “Remember, no prisoners. They will just eat your rations.”


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