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Автор Тема: A drunk husband  (Прочитано 3753 раз)

« : 13 Октябрь 2006, 00:57:11 »
A husband came home drunk one day and went to his bedroom to meet his wife
He slipped into bed and before he closed his eyes ...he gazed down and saw 6 feet in bed..
Angry and supprised he clamoured "Aye woman..how come i seeing 6 feet when it suppose to have 4...eh what shit going on here..I go chop some one eh"
The wife said to him "Honey calm down..you so drunk you cannot count...there are only 4 feet in th bed..get up and count again"
So the irrated husband steups and get up and began to count how many feet he seeing in bed...
He replied "sorry darlin" and went back in bed to sleep.......  

The moral being ..when drunk..and you see 6 feet in bed..stay in bed and count it...or else yuh wife Horning yuh!!! and yuh getting Butt all side
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« Ответ #1 : 14 Октябрь 2006, 05:15:13 »
Cantonese English is fun. Unlike the story.

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