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1  Свободное общение / Про Канаду / Best way to bring US-purchased items over the border : 29 Апрель 2008, 21:30:30
What's a good way to bring US-purchased items into Canada (Ontario, more specifically)
Any "smart" ways to avoid customs/taxation?

Also, if you have your items shipped to an address in Buffalo and just drive across to pick them up, could you share the name of the company that receives your items for you?

thanks in advance!!
2  Иммиграция / Работа / ** ASP/SQL Server Programmer Needed ** : 27 Апрель 2008, 00:12:51
We are looking for a part-time Classic ASP/SQL Server programmer for several small projects.

Please get back to me as soon as possible if you are interested.
3  Свободное общение / Про Канаду / Ski Resort near Toronto : 20 Январь 2008, 06:14:40
Could you please recommend a good ski resort close to Toronto.
I'm interested in something close by to the city, with a variety of activities besides skiing.  

I looked at Blue Mountain and they have stuff like dog sledding (sp?) but NO TUBING (which would be a big plus for a skiing newby like myself).

I wonder if I can find anything better with all-around activities.
Please help?

Thanks very much in advance!
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