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Название: Работа в Америке для Отца
Отправлено: Pro от 03 Октябрь 2015, 09:55:55
Вот получил от одного клиента, может Отец Всему клюнет, он здесь специалист по EDFA:

"Dear ********,

Jabil is exploding right now and we are looking for people with talent like yours to join our team!

I realize that you may not be actively planning a career move at this time, but would you consider an outstanding opportunity if it came your way?

We are currently have an exciting opportunity for a Lead Optical EDFA Engineer to join our Dublin, CA facility. This person would be responsible for the following.

•Architecture, design of EDFA and other amplifiers for telecom applications, simulation of steady-state and transient design.
•Technical support to marketing team on Amplifier product RFP/RFQ and specification negotiation.
•Interacting with hardware, software members in design team to initiate the design, development, execution, and implementation of Amplifier module and sub system
•Specifying, selecting, and qualifying key optical components in amplifier product, developing and benchmarking amplifier performance models, developing and implementing test procedures, and evaluating and selecting appropriate test instrumentation
•Mentoring junior staff and leading offshore design team for the execution of product development, system integration, qualification and NPI process
•The person may be required for project management, responsible for managing various aspects of project, not limit to budget and scheduling, product configuration management, milestone status reporting.

Are you open to a brief discussion to find out more about what we have to offer? If not, do you know someone who may be? Either way, I look forward to hearing back from you.

Warm Regards,

Ms. Uyen Tran
Lead Recruiter, Global Talent Acquisition at Jabil

Название: Re: Работа в Америке для Отца
Отправлено: Отец всему от 29 Ноябрь 2015, 06:17:55

Только что обратил внимание на это послание... редко захожу на форум, а этот отдел работ практически не посещаю.
С удовольствием бы, но уже наезЪдился и главное есть стабильность и заказы по контракту здесь в Оттаве.
Я в основном на немцев работаю BKtel - связь уже как с 1998.
Позиция - именно "моё", эх кабы это всплыло где-нить в 2003..
По-любому - СПАСИБО агейн.